Trade-In Policy

Here are our Trade-In Policies:

All Trades are for store credit only. Vinyl record collections are the only exception. PLEASE call the store for more details.

All vinyl records are credited according to artist and condition of the vinyl and the cover.

Only CD audiobooks are accepted for trade.

We do not accept ex-library books, text books, poor quality or dated materials. Hardback Books upon inspection.

PLEASE call about large book collections.

DVDs are credited according to demand and quality of the movie.

Trade-Ins are limited to no more than 30 items per day.


Store Policies:

We do not accept checks. We accept Visa/Mastercard credit cards, debit cards, cash and store credit.

All items labeled NEW, sealed records and gift baskets can be purchased with credit/debit cards or cash only.

We cannot hold a vinyl record or movie for a customer to purchase later.

Thank you for coming to Wiley’s. your trade-ins build a great selection of affordable books and vinyl records for the Savannah area.